Begeman returns to GHS


Aaron Voigt

You may have seen a new teacher in the halls of GHS this year. Mrs. Begeman, an alumni of Gregory High School, is back for her first year as a teacher in Gregory. Begeman graduated in 2008 and attended South Dakota State University to earn her science and teaching degrees.

She likes teaching in Gregory because of the teachers that she works with and the students she gets to teach. Begeman said, “As soon as I decided to go into teaching, I knew I wanted to come back here.” Kayla is married to Curtis Begeman. Curtis is a rancher with mechanical drafting and design and manufacturing engineer degrees. Kayla’s hobbies include reading, baking, gardening, and raising chickens.

Begeman replaced Ms. Schmitz and now teaches biology, chemistry, and human anatomy. Begeman said, “Some things have changed greatly, including class options and extra-curriculars offered, but other things haven’t changed much at all. The majority of the teachers that taught me are still here teaching.”

Begeman intends to stay in Gregory to teach and raise her family in the same place where she was taught and raised.