Students will attend Rachel’s Challenge

Alyssa Fortuna, Writer

           On Wednesday there will be an assembly called Rachel’s Challenge. This program was inspired by a girl who knew that kindness and compassion was the key to reaching and impacting adolescents. Rachel Scott, the first victim of the Columbine tragedy, had a simple theory-that an act of kindness could change the world. Rachel’s Challenge aims to overcome bullying with kindness.
            The student body will be creating a safe learning for all students by re-establishing civility and delivering proactive antidotes to school violence and bullying. They will also be providing students with social/emotional education that is culturally relevant. By training adults to inspire, equip, and empower students to affect permanent positive change, they hope to improve academic achievement by engaging students’ hearts, heads, and hands in the learning process.

            Burke, Colome, and Gregory will all be participating in this. Elementary starts at 8:40, and middle school starts at 9:45. High school starts at 11:30, and the whole school 6-12 will go from 1-2:30. There will also be a community event in Gregory in the evening at the auditorium at 7 p.m.       For more information visit Rachel’s website.