Special Olympics travel to Todd County

On Wednesday, May 1, Melanie Hahne traveled to Mission, with Kadyn Fischer, Daily Remme, Ronnie Songer, Shelby Johnson, and Hope Graesser.  Kadyn ran the 100M dash in 39:36 seconds; his results for the tennis ball throw are 99 cm.  Shelby ran the 100M dash in 46 seconds, and her tennis ball throw ended up being 5 meters and 23 cm.  Her standing long jump results were 39 cm.

Hope ran the 100M dash in 46:56; seconds, her tennis ball throw results are 4M and .06 cm.  Standing long jump was 46 cm.  Daily ran the 100M dash in 26:12; her running long jump results were 1 meter and 12 cm.  Her softball throw was 11 m and 17 cm.

Ronnie’s time for the 50M walk was 1 minute and 26 seconds; for the tennis ball throw he threw 1M and 95 cm.

The results for the 2013 Special Olympics aren’t in yet. So their places are unknown. “They all had an excellent day and fun overall!” said Melanie.