Boys’ Basketball Team Loses to Herreid/Selby


Emma Thomas, journalist

On Feb. 8 the Gregory Boys Basketball Team traveled to Highmore for the Highmore classic. The boys lost against Herreid/Selby. In the first quarter Gregory scored 19 points and Herreid/Selby scored 17. In the second quarter the Gorillas scored 25 and Herreid/Selby only scored 13. At half time the score was 44-30. In the third quarter the Gorillas only scored 20 and Herreid/Selby scored 27. In the fourth quarter Herreid/Selby pulled away and scored 22 points, and the Gorillas scored eight. The Gorillas started to foul with two minutes left on the clock, letting Herreid/Selby score. The final score was 72-79 Herreid/Selby. 

8th grader Daniel Mitchell was the top scorer of the game with 23 points. Michell made 2 three-pointers and six two-pointers. He averaged 79%. Seniors Tommy Determan and Grant Thomas were right behind him with Determan having 18 points and Thomas having 17. The team made 12 out of 29 three-pointers for 41%. The Gorillas shot six out of 10 free throws for 60%. The boys made 15 out of 27 two-pointers for 56%. Determan had seven rebounds and Thomas had eight assists. The team had a total of 21 rebounds and 20 assists.

“The team worked hard and battled the entire game,” said Grant Thomas.

Come support the Gorillas as the Lady Gorillas play the Burke Cougars on Thursday with the C game starting at 5:15 at the Gregory Memorial Auditorium.