Lady Gorillas Battle Lady Tigers


Emma Thomas, journalist

On Thurs., Jan. 23 the Lady Gorillas traveled to White River, winning only by one point. The game was very close and intense. In the first quarter, the Gorillas started off strong by leading the score 11-8, but in the second, the Lady Gorillas fell back with only scoring 18 points and the Tigers scoring 27 points. At the end of the first half, the score was 29-35. In the third, the Gorillas outscored the Tigers by five points, making the score close, but the tigers still on top by one point. At the end of the third, the score was 44-45. In the final quarter of the game, the Gorillas pulled ahead but not by much. The Lady Gorillas scored 16 points and the Tigers only scored 14, making the score 60-59. The Lady Gorillas took home another win that night. 

The Gorillas made eight out of 21 three-pointers, for 38%. They made eight out of 15 free throws for 53%. The Lady Gorillas made 14 out of 55 two-pointers for 25%. The team had 47 rebounds total and 10 steals. Jessy VanDerWerff had 12 rebounds and three steals. Right behind her Brooklynn Kenzy had nine rebounds and three steals as well. Brooklyn VanDerWerff had three assists. 

Jessy VanDerWerff was the leading scorer of the night with 39 points, breaking the school record for most points in a game by three points. She made eight three pointers, seven 2-pointers, and one free throw. 

Stay tuned and come support the Gorillas as they play a doubleheader in Parkston with the JV girls starting at 4:00 p.m and the JV boys following.