Cheering and Dancing from Gregory to Dakota Valley


Sierra Rencountre, journalist


On Sat., Aug. 31, 2019, the Gregory Cheer and Dance Team held its annual competition. They competed against four other teams in cheer including, Winner, Wagner, Bon Homme, and Platte/Geddes. In dance, they competed against one more team from the Tea Area.

The team received third place in cheer with 105.5 points. In dance, the Lady Gorillas received 138.67 points, earning second place. “Good. I feel we really improved from practice and really pulled everything together by Saturday. We could still use a lot of practice and energy when performing, but we can only get better from here,” Sophomore Lizzy Hanson said about the home competition.

The very next Saturday the Gregory Cheer and Dance Team traveled three hours to compete in the Dakota Valley High School competition. Unfortunately, the team did not place in this competition. “Dakota Valley is always a very long road trip, so it’s hard to get my girls up and moving, but no matter what, they always pull through and do a great job in all their routines. Their dances are becoming more synchronized, but we need to work on our levels of difficulty. The Gregory girls are doing great in cheer and are really pulling through this year,” Coach Lenna Braun said about the Dakota Valley competition.

You can watch the cheer and dance team if you haven’t yet in Winner, tomorrow at 1:00 at the Armory.