Technology At Your Fingertips Or Not

Ivy Zimmerman, Jorurnalist

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Multiple students do not have computers at home, but teachers often give online homework. How they expect the students to do their work if they do not have enough study hall time? Some kids are in band and choir, so they only get 30 minutes of study hall a day. They expect students to do their homework and perhaps dual-credit classes without a computer. Sounds difficult.

The school bought computers for each high school student. Most classes use the computers to assign homework. What happens when they do not have enough time in school; how are they supposed to have their work done if they cannot take the computer home? Most people use their smartphones to look up what they need, but if the students had their computer, they could research and study more. Do students really get excited to open the textbooks and dive in? Do they make a face and grunt but still keep moving? They might be more motivated to do the work if they have access to interactive technology. If you were a student, would you want to do your homework if you did not understand it? You could look up a video showing you how to do the problem in many different ways. In school, they are just sitting there trying to pay attention, but at home they are by themselves, using their resources, learning in whichever way they understand best. So why not make their lives easier and let them take their computers home.

Many people say technology is bad. Stay away, and keep kids away. However, it is not bad; their minds are still moving and progressing. Even if students play games their minds. Students can use the computers to read anything from books to articles, which is it that bad at least their reading. Computers are a good way to stay organized and keep track of assignments. If they help, why not use them and get the best use out of them? Technology provides many educational resources and improves connectivity.

If the student would sign a waiver saying that any damages to the computer were their responsibility, the school would not be liable. There would be rules and punishments in place. The students could sign out their computers every night they take them home and sign them in the next morning. They could only forget them at home twice, or they would have to get them taken away for a week. If they looked up something inappropriate, they could have them taken away for the year. If they do break, there would be a waiver so the school would not pay; the family of the student that broke the computer would. The parents have to sign a paper saying if broke they will pay and if they don’t their kids can’t take them home.

If technology could help teach the students and help them do their work, why not let students take their computers home? Students could type their stories or read books online improving their minds. We should allow students to take their computers starting next fall and see where the technology takes us.

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