Ring Ring, Who’s Calling? It’s Me During School


Brynn Hylla, Journalist

Should students have their phones during school break hours? We students think we should. Some parents and teachers think that students should not have their phones because it might cause distractions, but students sometimes use their phones to help them with work. So why aren’t they allowed?
Smart phones can help kids be more organized in school. Many students use their phones for an electronic planner to keep track when their homework is due. Parents could communicate with their children throughout the day as well.

Also, say a student leaves his/her homework at home, and his/her parents could bring it to him/her. Students would just make a little phone call to avoid getting a bad grade. On the other hand, students could set reminders on their phones, so they would not forget their homework, and the reminders could help them study for school. Many schools across America let students have their phones.

If phones were allowed, kids might actually spend less time on their phones. Currently, students are hiding their phones from the teachers during classes. If they could respond to messages during break, they would not need to. Yes, we know that students would bully on social media, but that happens at home too. Perhaps students will get distracted at first for having their phones in school, but over time, they will be able to focus.

So many reasons why students should have their phones exist. We think that students should have them, and if it becomes a problem, then we can go back to having no phones allowed in school. This could make students listen and pay attention, or it could go the opposite way, but I think it is worth a try.