Titans squeeze by Gorillas


Brynn Hylla, Journalist

On Thursday, Dec. 20, the Gorillas traveled to Mount Vernon/Plankinton to play the Titans, but could not come out with a win. The Gorillas went into overtime with the Titans, and the final score was 54-51. The Gorillas were up 45-43 in the fourth quarter when the Titans made a lucky shot to tie up the game to take it into overtime.

On the offensive side, the team was 19/57 for 33% from the field. The team was 9/18 for 50% on free-throws and 4/16 for 25% on three-pointers. Coy Determan’s 17 points were followed by Tommy Determan’s 14 points and Grant Thomas’s seven. T. Determan had five offensive rebounds to add the team total of 11.

On the defensive side, the team had four steals and 30 rebounds. T. Determan had three blocks. Thomas and C. Determan took a charge. C. Determan had six defensive rebounds, and T. Determan had four out of the 19 they had as a team.