Spikers Suffer Two Loses in One Week


Samantha Timanus, Journalist

The Spikers lost two matches last week on Tuesday and Thursday. On Tuesday, the girls played Winner in Gregory. The Winner Warriors defeated Gregory in three sets: 10-25, 9-25, and 7-25 respectively. Neither C-team nor junior varsity were able to beat Winner. On Thursday the Spikers traveled to Platte. The C-team and junior varsity both lost again. The Platte Panthers won every varsity set by a slim margin. The scores were 22-25, 18-25, and 23-25; it was a very close match.

“This week has been a little bit of a disappointment. I know we can and have played better. We will work hard and try to find our rhythm for the last part of the season,” Coach Webster said.

On Tuesday, Brooklyn VanderWerff set 34/41 times for 83% accuracy and dug five balls. On Thursday, Vanderwerff set 49/57 for 86% accuracy. She serve-received 5/5 and had 18 digs. She also served 8/9 times.

Tuesday night, Sydney Svatos attacked 10/12 times and had five kills. She also set 30/43 times for 70% accuracy and dug eight balls. Svatos set 43/52 passes for 83% accuracy on Thursday. She also had 83% serve receive, as she efficiently received 5/6 serves and served 11/12 times.

Jessy Jo VanDerWreff attacked 11/16 times on Tuesday. She serve received 17/19 times for an 89% accuracy. She also dug the ball six times. On Thursday, VanDerWerff served 10/11 and had three aces. She attacked the ball 15/18 and serve received 18/21. She dug eight balls against Platte.

 Megan Warnke serve-received 14/16 balls for 88% accuracy on Tuesday. She also dug six balls and attacked the ball 11/17 times. On Thursday, Megan Warnke hit 24/33 times, with nine kills and dug eight balls.

On Tuesday, Addy Nelson had 18/21 attacks and two kills. On Thursday, Nelson had 21/22 attacks and eight kills. She also served 14/17 and had two aces on Thursday.

KaeLee Haney served 6/7 times on Tuesday and 8/8 times on Thursday. Haney spiked the ball down 12/14 times on Thursday.

“Our last home match is against Colome and it’s our senior night. So I predict we will be fired up and ready to give our home crowd a good match,” Coach Webster said.