BG Storm Competes in First Tournament


Alexa Hannahs

Last Saturday on December 5 the BG Storm wrestling team headed to Stanley County for its first tournament of the season. Spearfish won with 223.5 points, and Stanley County received 2nd with 215.5. Storm received 4th place with 157.5 points.

They will travel to Winner for a triangular tonight starting at 5:30 p.m.

Wrestler Weight Record Place
Frank Even 106 3-1 3rd
Won Bye
Lost Joey Wheeler Dec 2-1
Won Bye
Won Noah Ryan Fall 4:00
Won Clarence Winter Fall 0:47
Won Dylan Wolf Dec 6-2
Atlas Willuweit 113 2-1 2nd
Won Bye
Won Austin Gabriel Fall 2:38
Won Derick Dower T-Fall 17-0
Lost Carl Cronin Dec 8-7
Jackson Eklund 113 3-1 3rd
Won Bye
Won Caden Lenz Dec 10-3
Lost Carl Cronin Dec  3-2
Won Payden Peterson Inj. 1:20
Won Derick Dower Fall 4:04
Finn Hanson 132 3-2 4th
Won Ralph Young Fall 0:07
Won Tashon Clark Fall 4:51
Lost Tyler Waterson Fall 2:21
Won Mason Schoenhard Dec 10-5
Lost Wyatt Huffman Dec 6-5
Vladik Johnson 145 3-1 2nd
Won Dillon Riley Fal 5:23
Won Tucker Holzer MD 12-0
Won Jacob Zacher Fall 3:22
Lost Dylan VanDerBoom Fall 3:47
Borden Rolf 145 2-3 8th
Won Forfeit
Lost Lane Schuelke Fall 1:44
Won John Trimble Dec 5-4
Lost Jack Miller Fall 3:00
Lost Bleau Hoge T-Fall 4:21
Kaleb Wells 152 1-2
Lost Reese Hansen Fall 2:43
Won Gavin Klynsma Fall 1:17
Lost Tristan Janis Dec 5-4
Jeremiah Beck 160 2-1 2nd
Won Bye
Won Joe Jackson Fall 0:20
Won Tate Petrak MD 12-0
Lost Daniel Slama Fall 1:14
Tyson Serr 195 2-0 1st
Won Bye
Won Bye
Won Cameron McManigal Fall 0:58
Won Travis Hill Fall 4:13
Ross Oliver 195 1-2 5th
Won Bye
Lost Cameron McManigal Fall 1:06
Won Bye
Won Bye
Lost Marcus Heath Fall 2:27
Cade Fortuna 220 2-2 5th
Won Bye
Lost Mar Williams Fall 3:05
Won Bye
Won Eden Arcoren Fall 0:40
Lost Chase Nincehelser Fall 4:41
Won Morgan Stuen Fall 1:30
Ridge Oliver 285 2-2 4th
Won Bye
Lost Brandon Heil Fall 1:27
Won Bye
Won Shyloe Gunhammer Fall 0:36
Won Quinten Fish Fall 0:34
Lost Cutter Gillespie Fall 1:00