Storm Places Third At The MCM Invitational

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Storm Places Third At The MCM Invitational

Ivy Zimmerman, Journalist

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On Sat. Dec. 22, taking third, Burke/ Gregory Storm traveled to Montrose for the McCook Central/Montrose invitational. Canton placed first with Winner placing second.

Owen Hansen   106   Placed 2nd
won Bye
won Robert Watkins Fall 1:01
won Kaleb Osborn Fall 3:19
won Jackson Remmers Fall 0:39
Lost Andy Meyer DEC 5-2
Kort Schonebaum   113
Lost Gage Ravellete DEC 8-5
Lost Jacob Gale Fall 4:43
Mason Peck   120
Lost Kieffer Klinkhammer Fall 0:49
Won Bye
Lost Jack Peters Fall 2:22
Zach Eklund   120
Lost Grayson Hanson Fall 3:27
won Bye
Won Cole Bergin Fall 0:46
Won Forfeit For
Lost Jovey Christensen Dec 5-1
Mason Hood    126    Placed 8th
Won Drew Gerlach Fall 1:01
Lost Braden Sehr Fall 0:11
Won Dawson Beitz Fall 1:47
Lost Ben Swatek Fall 2:00
Lost Issac McDugle Fall 4:54
Jordan Vosika     138    Placed 4th
Won Bye
Won Ethan Ortman Fall 2:56
Lost Matt Koch Dec 9-7
Won Parker Eldeen Fall 1:28
Won Riley Hellman Dec 5-0
Won Seth Peterson Fall 2:36
Lost Riley Shippy Dec 4-3
Jackson Eklund    145    Placed 1st
Won Jacob Hoffer Fall 0:38
Won Zanto Centeno Fall 1:22
Won Aaron Gilchrist 18-2
Won Jaden Dominisse MD 9-1
Luke Murray    145
Lost Brody Weavill Fall 4:43
Won Forfeit For
Lost Ty Beyer Dec 1-0
Gunnar Stephens 145
Lost Mason Pulse MD 9-0
Lost Cailob Week Dec 9-2
Caleb Stukel    152
Lost Landon Wolter Dec 8-3
Won Bye
Won Forfeit For
Won Logan Schlim Dec 8-6
Lost Colby Fitch Fall 1:57
Dimitri Davis    152
Won Kade Grocott Fall 0:30
Lost Colby Fitch Fall 1:50
Won Bye
Lost Eric Klanchnik Fall 3:47
Tucker Even    160    Placed 8th
Lost Sam Kruger Fall 1:17
Won Greyson DeVries MD 12-1
Won Joey Cole Dec 5-1
Lost Finn Hanson Fall 2:45
Lost Wyatt Knudson Fall 1:00
Finn Hanson    160    placed 5th
Won Gunner Johnson Fall 4:55
Lost Ty Namanny SV-1 9-7
Won Trevor Hansen Fall 1:57
Won Tucker Even Fall 2:45
Lost Chayce Rausch Dec 4-2
Won Tyler Eddy Dec 7-4
Tyler Murray    170    Placed 7th
Won Cole Pranger Fall 4:47
Lost Josh Crownover Fall 2:54
Won Seth Tebay Fall 1:50
Lost Levi Nightingale Fall 2:45
Won Tegun Spring Dec 12-8
Issac Barreto    170
Lost Jacob Cheeseman Fall 1:32
Lost Landon Schurch Fall 1:32
Taron Serr    182
Lost Cody Westendorf Fall 1:40
Lost Quinten Christensen Fall 2:42
Jeremiah Beck    195    Placed 2nd
Won Joshua Peacher Fall 0:13
Won Victor Dennis Fall 0:40
Won Tanner Peterson Dec 8-1
Lost Cullen Rutten Dec 7-2
Rhoss Oliver    220    Placed 5th
Won Cole Grasma Fall 1:36
Lost Jesse Hastings Fall 1:59
Won Connor Koppman Fall 0:30
Won Bosten Moehart Fall 2:29
Lost Marshall Baldwin Fall 4:02
Won Jesse Walton Fall 3:40
Ethan Dargatz    285    Placed 6th
Won Geoff Dunkelberger Fall 1:26
Won Austin Severson Fall 1:36 4
Lost Zach Richardson Fall 3:20
Lost Drake Peed Dec 13-9
Lost Jadeon Biggers Fall 2:23

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