School Board Meeting is Held

Dave shoemaker, school board president, started off the meeting with addition agenda items. Items included a home school application, the motion was passed, and reimbursement for Colome and South Central for the 21st Century Grant, motion was passed.


Mr. Determan discussed that last Friday the high school and middle school had an ICU movie. The people who weren’t on the ICU list got dismissed at 1 to watch a movie in the school gym. Teachers reported that the list was significantly reduced due to the two hours of ICU time. Determen also stated that monday was the middle school Tri-City concert in Winner; it started at 7. Last Wednesday doctors came to the school to explain the problems with abusing pharmaceutical drugs. They also taught teachers on how to see if someone is abusing or using them wrongly. Next, Mr. Determen reported there are 38 kids out for track.


Mrs. Klein reported on the need for black dirt around the southern end of the track and volunteers to help spread it out. The school board elections are on April 9, and the candidates are Chris VanDerWerff, Sharon Petersen, Karen Timarus, and Rod Vosika. Klein asked if the board would vote for an early out for the Gregory track meet on April, 11. Students 7-12 would be dismissed at 11:30. The motion was passed. Gregory four teachers were elected for the Harry K Teacher of the year award: Rhonda Waterbury, James Larkin, Janna Winters, and Kristen Jacobsen.


The next board meeting will be April 8.