Incentive Measure 16

Initiated Measure 16 is a 5 key component act to provide incentives to teach in critical need areas, to provide rewards for the best teachers and those teaching in math and science.  House Bill 1234 mandates an evaluation of teachers that all the                                                                 school district superintendents must use to decipher who will receive a bonus.  This method of merit pay will create competition against the teachers where collaborating will produce the best teaching, materials, and ideas in all classrooms.  This will hurt the students and not help them improve in their subjects.  Another component is a bonus for math and science teachers.  This measure doesn’t take into effect that there are other critical needs areas inSouth Dakota.  This measure eliminates teacher tenure.  The public has the misunderstanding that a teacher’s contract cannot be terminated when one has tenure, but this is false.  Administration can terminate any contract when the correct procedures are followed even if a teacher has tenure.  The last part of this bill is the critical needs scholarship. The state will pay for a teacher’s college schooling but also requires a 5 year commitment to teach in a critical need subject area inSouth Dakota.