94 Gregory Instrumental Soloists Perform in Winner


Samantha Timanus, Journalist

On Fri. May 3, students from the Gregory band grades 5-8 went to Winner for the solo music contest. The solos were rated as Superior +, Superior, Superior -, Excellent +, Excellent, or Excellent -. This year, Gregory brought 94 solos. The rating for each solo is listed below.

“I was very happy with many of the judge’s comments and with the student performances. It is always a good experience to have the students play solos in front of an audience, and it really makes them grow as musicians and individuals. The day was really busy! I could not have done it without the help of my wife Katie and our excellent accompanist Colleen Murray,” Band Director Jared Opp said.

Fifth Grade
Superior +

o   Madi Graber, snare

o   Ryler Stevicks, alto sax


o   Adyson Stukel, clarinet

o   Hailea Ziady, clarinet

o   Samantha Parkis, trumpet

o   Jonathan Fiala, trumpet

o   Shyanna Steffen, trumpet

o   Lincoln Juracek, alto sax

o   Piper Bartlett, flute

o   Dani Timanus, French horn

o   Rikki Bruns, trombone

o   Dylan Fiebelkorn, trombone

o   Madi Graber, mallets

o   Eli Ekroth, mallets

o   Aubree Opp, snare

o   Eli Ekroth, snare

Superior –

o   Ella Sperl, clarinet

o   Asia VanDerWerff, French horn

o   Luke Barreto, snare

o   Luke Barreto, mallets

o   Aubree Opp, mallets

Excellent +

o   Heydan Westfall, flute

o   Mason Janak, trumpet


o   Ellie Talsma, flute

o   Emily Grim, clarinet

o   Haley Van Overschelde, alto sax

o   Pierce Stukel, trumpet

o   Jabin Talsma, baritone

6th Graders

Superior +

o   Marissa Zimmerman, alto sax

o   Rane Kenzy, trumpet


o   Cole Serr, alto sax

o   Cruz Klundt, alto sax

o   Adrianna Ziady, trumpet

o   Teah Fieblekorn, snare

o   Nick Kenzy, mallets

Superior –

o   Luke Stukel, mallets

o   Ashlyn Vosika, flute

o   Zach Wheeler, French horn

Excellent +

o   Lily Jacobsen, clarinet

o   Luke Stukel, snare

o   Noah Bearshield, trumpet

o   Jhett Eklund, trombone

o   Kyler Svobada, trombone

o   Logan Kaluhiokalani, baritone

o   Paul Sinclair, baritones

o   Gabbryel Jung, baritone

o   Robbie Posadas, tuba

o   Teah Fieblekorn, mallets

o   Nick Kenzy, snare


o   Emily Long, clarinet

o   Ashley Reinartz, flute

o   Jad Leber, trumpet

Excellent –

o   Shianne Songer, flute

7th grade

Superior +

o   Kaydence Klein, baritone

o   Eli Barreto, tuba


o   Jordan Spann, oboe

o   Savannah Schrader, clarinet

o   Cindy Khuu, clarinet

o   London Flakus, clarinet

o   Jordan Svatos, alto sax

o   Morgan Opbroek, alto sax

o   Michael Antelope, trumpet

o   Kade Braun, trumpet

o   Dori Bruns, trumpet

o   William Feyereisen, trumpet

o   Gannon Thomas, trombone

o   Nathan Fortuna, snare

o   Nathan Fortuna, mallets

o   Mya Determan, snare

o   Mya Determan, mallets

Superior –

o   Carly Kahler, flulte

o   Shelby Spann, French horn

Excellent +

o   Trey Murray, trombone

o   Owen Winters, baritone

o   Paige Rezac, flute


o   Jamison VanDerPol, tuba

Excellent –

o   Rylan Peck, trombone


8th Grade

Superior +

o   Jessy Jo VanDerWerff, trumpet

o   Vy Nguyen, flute

o   Lana Talsma, alto sax


o   Samantha Reinartz, clarinet

o   Sapphire Kenzy, alto sax

o   Eli Fogel, alto sax

o   Savannah Swan, tenor sax

o   Kaileigh Thompson, trombone

o   Ashtyn Waldner, tuba

o   Xzavian Fiebelkorn, snare

Superior –

o   Katherine Stevicks, clarinet

o   Ethan Long, trumpet

o   Kade Stukel, mallets

o   Xzavian Feibelkorn, mallets

o   Kade Stukel, snare


o   Luke Sinclair, trombone

o   Jaden Graber, trombone