Vocal and Piano Contestants make Music

Brynn Hylla, Journalist

On April 13, many middle school and elementary students attended the vocal and piano contest held at Gregory school. The schools that attended the contest were Winner, Colome, Burke, Kimball, and Platte.

The following students received one pluses for solos in the vocal portion: Madi Graber, Dani Timanus, Kaydence Klein, Adyson Stukel, and Jordan Spann. Also the fifth grade group who sang “Camptown Races” received a 1+. Students in the group consisted of Dani Timanus, Madi Graber, Asia VanDerWerff, Addy Stukel, Eli Ekroth, Pierce Stukel, Lincoln Juracek, and Ryler Stevicks. The following students received ones in solos: Lily Jacobson, Luke Stukel, Kade Stukel, Katherine Stevicks, Sapphire Kenzy, Shelby Spann, Ella Sperl, Hailea Ziady, Shyanna Steffen, Lincoln Juracek, Asia VanDerWerff, Trey Murray, William Feyeriesen, Jamison VanderPol, and Johnathan Fiala. The group that sang “Polly Wolly” received a 1; the group consisted of Ellie Talsma, Riki Bruns, Hailea Ziady, Hailea Vanovershelde, and Shyanna Steffen. The following students received a one minus: Ravyn Oliver, Justin Westcoatt, and a duet by Kaydence Klein and Shelby Spann. The following groups received twos: “Peace Like River” group: Marissa Zimmerman, Lily Jacobson, and Ashlyn Vosika, “Cindy” group: Jaden Graber, Eli Barreto, Kade Stukel, and Trey Murray, and “All Through the Night”: Ashtyn Waldner, Alyson Blacksmith, Sara Parkis, Samantha Reinartz, and Jessica Esterling.

The following students received ones for piano: Lincoln Juracek, Mya Determan, Eli Barreto, Dawson Bartling, Ellie Talsma, Marissa Zimmerman, Madi Graber, Lana Talsma, Vy Nguyen, Maya Hull, Isaac Hull, George Timanus, Dani Timanus, and Kaydence Klein.