Choir Members Sing Out and Receive Fifteen Superiors


Samantha Timanus, Journalist

On Wednesday, Feb. 6, the high school choir traveled to Kimball for the Small Group Vocal Contest. Participants prepared to sing either a solo, duet, quartet, or group song in front of a judge. The judge then gives the student(s) a numerical score, which places them in the “Needs Improvement,” “Below Average,” “Average,” “Above Average,” or “Superior” class. Of the 26 solos and groups that preformed on Wednesday, 15 of them received a superior rating.

Gregory prepared two mixed groups, two girls’ groups and one boys’ groups. Mixed group ‘A’ scored a 33, a superior rating. Mixed group ‘B’ scored a 30, which is one point short of a superior. The boys’ group received a 29, an Above Average. Girls’ group ‘A’ scored a 25 and girls’ group ‘B’ scored a 30, neither of which were superior. 

This year, Gregory sent 11 students with solos. Of those 11, 8 received a superior rating: Shelby Zimmerman, Samantha Timanus, Tyler Murray, Addy Nelson, Dillyn Harsin, Christian Spann, Keeley Klein (who received a perfect score), and John Stevicks.

Six duet groups from Gregory attended small group this year, 4 of which received a superior. The superior duets included Tyler Murray and Evan Juracek, Samantha Timanus and Keeley Klein, John Stevicks and Christian Spann, and Keeley Klein and John Stevicks.

Three small ensembles (with 3-4 singers) preformed in Kimball last week and two of them received a superior. Both Jaslee Kerner, Salma Serr, BriLee Peck, and Sydney Svatos’s group and Christian Spann, Mataya Peck, and Dillyn Harsin’s group received a superior rating of 31.

 “Our kids did an awesome job considering how under the weather many of them were feeling.  We had a lot of really outstanding performances that show in our scores,” choir director Katie Opp said.

On Tuesday, the Gregory Jazz Band will travel to Mitchell for a Jazz Festival. On Wednesday, Feb. 20, high school band members will attend small group band contest in Chamberlain.