Excited first graders aspire to learn

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Excited first graders aspire to learn

Ivy Zimmerman, Journalist

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When thinking of elementary school what do you think of, kids, recess? Thinking back on old memories is something many people do. Is gradeschool now comparable to when you were a kid? So the Gregory High School journalism class interviewed the first grade class to get an idea of what they are working on and which classes they prefer.
As always, kids are excited when new things come up and happen. Without being shy, they all started shouting their thoughts aloud. There are two first grade classes taught by Mrs. Halee Hoffman and Mrs. Beckie Wetzler. They like it when somebody reads to them especially picture books because they can imagine what is happening. Some of their favorite chapter book series include Magic Treehouse and Judy B. Jones. In math, they are learning how to add and subtract big and little numbers and are working on fact families. Most of the class loves math and are excited to learn about multiplication. Hadley Braun explained, “I like to be on a roll with math because then it goes by faster, and we can do more math.” For spelling, they are learning words like mother, shack, and chick.

The class only gets to do art on Fridays; they normally do a project that includes an event or upcoming holiday. For Thanksgiving, they made turkeys, and for Christmas, they made ginger bread houses. When they go to music, Braun explained, “We get to sing and dance, and soon we’ll get to play those loud things we can’t bang on because were not old enough.” They like to run in PE, but they do not like doing pushups, but the other parts are exciting for them. Their favorite time of the day is recess, but what kids don’t think it is their favorite.

Their next subject area they get to learn about is capital letters and periods. They are excited to be able to write a sentence. They will then learn about parts of speech, nouns, and verbs, which will make an even better sentence. They do not have a science class, which they do not like because they want to learn about space and how it works. Not only do they not have science, they also do not have history, which they dislike because they want to learn about it as well.

The first grade classes are excited for all the school years that they have left because they get to learn more. They wish they could learns faster, but they know they cannot. They like that they go to school with their friends, which is cute because they all probably met at school at some time or another. Some of the kids said they were glad their parents put them in Gregory Elementary School, so they could learn.

These bright young kids have similar thoughts to most of us. Some students can’t wait to leave, and some cherish the days not wanting to leave.

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