Mark Braun heads community cleanup


Aaron Voigt

Bettering the community is one of Mark Braun’s goals in Gregory as a teacher. Braun started something new this year in the school called the Gorilla Gathering. These take place every Monday morning before first period. Braun sets goals for the students of Gregory Elementary, Middle, and High School each week and tells them to report to their teachers when they have accomplished them. The main focus of these gatherings has been to make the community a better place and help the students become involved.

Next week there will be a city wide cleanup in which grades begindergarten through 12th grade will take part in different jobs in the effort to make our community a better place. Begindergarten will take a visit to Silver Threads. Kindergarten will pick up the golf course. 1st and 6th grades will be having a bake sale during lunch on Friday by the Dixon Town Hall Theatre to raise money for planting large plants along Main Street. 2nd grade will clean up the football field and the little league baseball fields. 3rd grade will be taking a visit to the nursing home. 4th grade will clean up the park. 5th grade will be cleaning up the Buttes Observational Park. 7th grade will put an ad in the paper and assist any elderly people that need help cleaning their yards. 8th grade will clean the frisbee golf course. 9th grade will assist Earl Michael Boxa with cleaning and organizing his shop. 10th grade will clean the curbs and gutters. 11th grade will assist Jack Clark with cleaning up the sale barn, and 12th grade will clean the grounds of the old high school.

Braun said, “Our job as teachers is to create responsible citizens, and that’s the goal of the Gorilla Gatherings. The whole point of the community clean up week is to let the students practice everything we’ve talked about in the gatherings, like community service and giving back to the community that gives them so much.”

The cleanup will begin Monday during school and run through Friday, taking a little time out of every day to complete the tasks. This project will coincide with the city wide clean up taking place next week as well.