The Impact of Student Employment

Jade Jones

 Have you ever heard people saying that having a job while in high school effects your grades?  If so, is it true?  That is the question everyone is asking about, and today I’m going to try and find an answer.

After surveying the GregoryHigh School students the majority of the students think that having a part-time job is a positive impact on students in school.  One student stated, “I think it is a positive thing, it aids in learning responsibility and good work ethics.  You learn how to make and take care of your money now and will know how to manage it when you are older.”  After doing some other research on the internet, I found out that most teachers and adults think that having a job is also a good thing.  Working from any where to 10-20 hours a week helps kids manage their own time and money without getting behind in school and missing out on extracurricular activities.

A select few of the students think that it has a negative effect on students.  Most said that it is negative because it takes away from learning and some people let it take priority over schooling. “Why work now when you have the rest of your life?”  That is what one of the students asked.  The answer, other students gave is, how are you going to know how told hold down a job with other things going on and manage your money?

So throughout my survey I learned that for the most part that having a part time job is for the better if you manage your time. It can be an amazing life experience and help better you for the future.