Talk Nerdy to Me

Jade Jones

On Friday, April 25the physics class went to Brookings, SD for the Engineering Expo.  This would be the third year that the Gregory physics class has gone. The following students attended: Madyson Berendes, Cole Carter, Mackenzie Feyereisen, Mason Juracek, Dowain Kerner, Kendall Roeder, Allison Sundquist, and Brandon Warnke. They even had t-shirts made with equations on the front (upside down) so they could read them, with a “talk nerdy to me” theme. They attended three of the classes that were offered there.

The first class the group went to was Impromptu Design. The objective of this event was to test the competitors’ abilities to work as a team and develop an object to complete a task with only given items. The group placed second out of 45 teams!

The second class was the Scrambler. The contestants designed and built a system that launched a grade A egg to hit a target a foot off the ground and 25 feet away. Having four different teams from Gregory in this class, Feyereisen and Carter placed fourth, Roeder and Sundquist placed 12th, Berendes and Juracek placed 23rd, and Warnke and Kerner placed 24th.

The last class of the day, and as Sundquist says the most fun, was the Human Wallpaper. The overall object of this competition was to duct tape an individual to a wall and determine how long it takes before the tape fails to hold him or her in place. The team with the heaviest person, staying taped to the wall for the longest time, and held in place with the least amount of tape was declared the winners. Mudpuppies, a team name for Gregory, placed fifth,  and Gorillas placed sixth out of 49 teams.

Congratulations on a successful day at the Engineering Expo! A special thanks goes to Troy Sundquist for helping chaperone.