Is Texting During School a Disruption?

Jade Jones

What’s wrong with a little I love you or HAND (have a nice day) between classes?

Should texting be allowed during school hours? That’s what everyone has been talking about. I personally believe it would be.

What’s the harm in texting between classes and during lunch? Most parents want to be able to reach their kids on their cell phones in case of an emergency. As long as the texting doesn’t interfere with classroom instruction or discipline, it should be allowed.

Sure some are going to argue with the fact that bullying can happen. It is the most common way to bully someone now days (social media). Why punish everyone for that though? If it is happening, it needs to be taken care of, and those who are doing it need to have their phones taken during school hours. Also, don’t go using the excuse that they can delete everything. How hard it is to get a paper of all the texts someone has sent or to check their Facebook.

The phone is now a huge part of parenting; it’s how you reach your kids. Let kids go mobile. It’s not the end of the world; it’s part of a brave new one.