Three Vocal Ensembles Score Superior at Contest

Allison Sundquist

Music could be heard all day yesterday, Feb. 6, in Kimball for the high school vocal contest.  Three ensembles received a superior ranking.


Josie Fortuna received a superior point ranking on her solo.  Fortuna and Allison Sundquist were awarded a superior also.  The GHS 8va group consists of: Josie Fortuna, Codi Horst, Madyson Berendes, Ivy Ekroth, Allison Sundquist, Alyssa Fortuna, Sarah Sieh, Leonie Ruwisch, Sam Voigt, Josh Wagner, and Dowain Kerner.  The 8va group scored a 34 out of 35 total points also receiving a superior.


Other solos performed were: Madyson Berendes, Sarah Sieh, Sam Voigt, Dowain Kerner, Kelsey Reber, Molly Graesser, and Deanna Clark. 

One duet of Josie Fortuna and Allison Sundquist was taken. 

A girls group also performed. 


The judging sheets for this years contest have changed from a system of getting I and IIs to a ranking based on score.  A superior for an ensemble would have to score between 31 and 35 to receive a pin or medal. 


Each contestant was judged on six factors while singing: tone, intonation, accuracy, interpretation and musicianship, vocal technique, and other factors such as attire and the memorization of the music.