“Guten Tag!” From Germany

Karessa Elsberry

         Versmold,Germany. You may have heard of this city, or… maybe not. This smaller city, which holds around 24,000 people, is about 4 hours away fromGermany’s capital,Berlin. Enough idle chit chat about the cities though, let’s take a short drive outside of Versmold, to Leonie’s house.

          Leonie Ruwisch lives out in the country with her family, so perhaps our quaint little town will provide some comfort for her. One of her hobbies is horseback riding. InGermanythere are tons of contests you can enter with your horse, and, if you’re good enough, you can win TONS of money.

          She mentioned that the school she goes to in Versmold and GHS aren’t too different, well, aside from extended vacation time. She receives two weeks for Easter break, two weeks for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Some people may be wondering if they have summer vacation. Yes, they do, it lasts almost as long as here. Then, there are the stricter teachers. Unlike here, the students can’t goof around. While going to school in her hometown, she has visited most of the European countries aroundGermany.

          Since transferring here, Leonie said that sometimes she misses taking buses and trains anywhere she wants to go. Like most of the world, you can’t get your drivers license until you are 18. Sometimes though, she misses her friends and family, especially her younger brother, “I try not to think about them too much,” she said, “I want to make the most of going to school here.”