School Board Meeting Held on 9/10/12

Mackenzie Feyereisen

One of the main issues talked of was the fence at the football field.  Jason Bartling, a visitor to the board meeting, gave an impassioned speech urging the board to allow fans to stand by the football field.  He offered a solution of track covers, but no action was taken. 

Sarah Klein reported enrollment numbers are up: 378 total enrollment 202 elementary 56 junior high and 120 high school students.  She then urged the board to support initiated measure #15.  It would mean an additional $725/student – approximately $274,050 for our school.  School board will set a date to have a public forum on initiated measure #15.  Heating and cooling issues at the elementary will be looked into.

Chris VanDerWerff reported on Mid Central Cooperative.  She talked about new nutrition guidelines for school lunches.

The school’s portion of the street/sidewalk project is $15,546, which the board voted to pay. 

The board opened bids on the cooler/freezer project.  Jerry Salonen was the only bid at $41,000.  This was then tabled until the next meeting to set specific dates.

The board approved Brad Skalla’s contract as assistant golf coach.