Lunch Menu

January 3-4

Thursday- Stuff Crust Pizza, Pepperoni or Cheese, Corn

Friday- Mr. Rib, Bun, Potato Wedge, Baked Beans


January 7-11

Monday- Hamburger Patty, Cheese, Bun, French Fries

Tuesday- Chicken Fajita, 8” shell, Cheese

Wednesday- Country Fried Steak, Mashed Potato, Brown Gravy, Bread

Thursday- Chicken Patty, Bun, Smiley Fries

Friday- Spaghetti, Meat Sauce, Cheese-filled Bread Stick


January 14-18

Monday- Pizza Boat, Corn

Tuesday- Taco (hard or soft shell), Cheese, Refried Beans

Wednesday- Hot Ham and Cheese, Bun, Potato Wedges

Thursday- Glazed Chicken, Garden Blend Rice, Bread

Friday- Corn Dog, Hashbrown


January 21-25

Monday- NO SCHOOL- Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Tuesday- Italian Dunkers, Meat Sauce

Wednesday- BBQ Pork, Bun, Potato Wedges

Thursday- Ham and Au gratin Potato, Green Beans, Bread

Friday- Tangerine Chicken, Rice, Bread


January 28- 31

Monday- Fiestada, Corn

Tuesday- Super Nachos

Wednesday- Pork Chop Patty, Mashed Potato, Country Gravy, Bread

Thursday- Gorilla Dogs, Buns, French Fries









Lunch Menu