Elementary to Perform X is for Zebra

Shelby Harding

 50 students, begindergarten through 6th grade, are performing tomorrow, May 4th, at the  Gregory Auditorium. The play is called X is for Zebra, and is about a stripeless zebra who spells her name with an X instead of a Z. Taking place in the African Savannah, lions are known to have pride, the meerkats are social, hippos are big, and zebras have stripes. Tough issues are brought up, like friendships, peer pressure, and self-image. Xena, the very different zebra, must face these issues and realize to be herself.


The play is being put on by members of Dakota Players, two directors who bring all the costumes, stage equipment, and decorations. Auditions were held on Monday, and they are to perform this Saturday. The students audition, and thirty minutes later they start rehearsing. Practices are five hours long, from 3:00 to 8:00 every night.


X is for Zebra is put on Saturday night, May 4th, at 7:00 pm at the Gregory City Auditorium. Adults pay $5 and students $3. Go out to see the youngsters of Gregory put on a great show.