Teacher In-Service to take Wednesday, October 3

Leonie Ruwisch

Every first Wednesday of the month at 1:30 PM is teacher in-service. Because of this consequence, the students will end at 1:30.

On Wednesday all teachers will meet and have conversation about school happenings.

 Their main part will be the South Dakota State Test of Educational Progress. Also known as the Dakota STEP test; it is a test to measure the standards and academic level of the students from class 3-8 and the junior students. The teachers will go in groups in their school subjects and will find holes standards where haven’t been taught.  They will try their best to prepare the students. The test will be in April 2013.

 At the meeting the teachers will also talk about “bubble students”. Those are students who are ten points from dropping down a level or ten points from going up a level. The teachers are trying to push them to excel and to move to a higher level.