Third Grade Excitement

Third Grade Excitement

Kristen Eagle Star

The third grade class is starting their year off welcoming three new students, which makes a total of twenty-six.  Kate Thueson recently attended American Leadership Academy in Spanish Fork,Utah.  In her last school she wore a uniform and had classes much likes ours.  What Kate likes most about our school is the lunches!  Darius Black Thunder came fromMitchell,South Dakotawhere he attended LB Williams< which stands for Leaders Blooming Within. Darius enjoys doing math with all of his nice teachers.  Alize Millard, moved here formBurke,South Dakota, and enjoys math and getting to play games at the end of the day. 

The third grade class plans to write a commercial about a continent, and then video record it, they have been talking about plants and animals.  InReadingthey’ve began to read “Whose Habitat is it” In the article they learned how animals and humans are fighting for the same habitat.  They are discussing main ideas and details.  Math contains, two digit addition and subtraction word problems this.  They all seem to be struggling with solving a problem in more than one way.  They’ve begun writing complete sentences about their favorite things It’ll keep them busy this week. 

This week they’re raising money for the Roeder and Colford families because of a recent house fire.  Each day they can wear a hat and give a donation of 1.00.  The class with the most donations will win ice cream next Friday

For homecoming their theme is 101 Dalmatians.  Using a black marker to create Dalmatian, each child is to bring a white t-shirt to school by Wednesday, September 19th,