Chirping Class Pets for Fourth Grade?

Chirping Class Pets for Fourth Grade?

Kelsey Reber

      The fourth grade is preparing for spring by watching their eggs hatch into baby chickens!  Right now, five chicks have hatched three yellow and one black.  This morning a black chick had to be put to rest because of illness.  They are currently under a heat lamp in a little coop made out of wood.

            The children named each chick for a special reason.  The only black one is named Batman because he is manly and black, a yellow one is Survivor because he was dying but Mr. Webster, a fifth grade teacher, saved him, Mountain Dew got his name because it’s a cute name, and fluffy received his name for being chubby.

            For the past three years, the fourth grade class hasn’t had much luck on the eggs hatching.  Mrs. Webster had bought a new incubator to see if that would solve the issue.  This year their experiment went very well because of the new incubator that held 72 eggs.

   Every year, Mrs. Webster conducts this experiment on the last month of the school year.  She states, “It is a tradition, Janice Bowman used to do this experiment every year, and I just carried it on.”  This experiment is teaching life science and math.

     On Monday, the class will go outside and crack the rest of the eggs.  They will learn the stages of life inside of an egg.  Inside, they can tell whether the chick died early, late, or if it wasn’t even fertilized.  Then they will find the probability and percentage on how many died and how many lived.  When everything is all figured out, the kids will be able to take the baby chicks home!