Whitney Leads Girls Team in Field Events

Autumn Neiman

On Thursday the Gregory Junior High Track Team traveled to Platte.  Sammi Whitney led the girls with a second in shot put, throwing 22 ft. 8 in. and in discus she placed first, throwing 63 ft. 11 in.  Overall the seventh grade girls placed fifth, with 55 team points.  The eighth grade girls also placed fifth, with 40 team points.

            In shot put Grace Campbell placed third, throwing 21 ft. 10 in.  Shannon Weller placed fourth in shot put, throwing 21 ft. 6 in.  In discus Campbell placed fourth, throwing 53 ft. 5 in. and Abby Nelson place fifth, throwing 53 ft. 5 in. too.  In the high jump, Megan Warnke came in fifth, jumping 4 ft.  In the triple jump, Brooklyn Vanderwerf placed second, jumping 25 ft. and Sydney Svatos came in third, jumping 23 ft. 11 in.  In the 110 meter hurdles, Stormy Harvell placed fourth with a time 20.25 seconds.

            In the 100 meter dash, Jaycee Bartling placed fifth, with a time 14.15.  In the 800 meter relay, Gregory placed sixth, with a time 2:31.09.  Megan Warnke placed third in the 1600 meter run, with a time 6:38.0.  The seventh grade girls placed fifth in the 400 meter relay, with a time 1:03.09.  In the medley relay the girls placed fifth, with a time 2:30.07.  In the 200 meter dash, Jaycee Bartling had a time of 32.03, coming in fourth place.  The seventh grade girls came in fifth place in the 1600 meter relay, with a time 5:37.94.

            For the eighth grade girls, Trisha Cerney threw 55 ft. 8 in. coming in fourth.  Amber Swan placed third in the triple jump, jumping 22 ft. 9 in.  In the 100 meter dash, Cerney placed fourth, with a time 14.62.  The eighth grade girls had a time 2:26.18 in the 800 meter relay, bringing them in fourth.  In the 400 meter relay, the girls came in fourth with a time 1:10.0. 

            The Great Plains Conference will be on Thursday, May 1, starting at 10 a.m. in Bonesteel.