Cowgirls Rope the Gorillas

Sierra Smith

On Monday, the Gregory Gorillas Girls’ Basketball Team faced a close defeat against the Colome Cowgirls.  The final score was 44-50.

            Leading with five two-pointers, Briana Leber shot 5-13 shooting 38%.  Courtney Opbroek followed with 4-8 shooting 50%.  Megan Preslicka managed 2-4 three-pointers, shooting 50%.  Leber completed 6-15 free-throws shooting 40% and Preslicka with 4-6 shooting 67%.

            Leber captured 11 rebounds, three on offense and eight on defense.  Opbroek had eight on defense, and Allison Sundquist had seven also on defense.  Brett Steffen and Leber accomplished three steals.  Opbroek made one steal.

            Their next game will be districts for varsity on Monday in Colome at 7:00 p.m.  Come and support the girls!