Gorillas Conquer Cougars

Sierra Smith

The Gregory Gorillas Boys’ Basketball Team slid by the Burke/South Central Cougars on Friday the 17.  The final score that night was 51-49.

            Gavin Thomas led with 6-14 two-pointers shooting 43%.  Robert Vomacka followed with 2-6 shooting 33%.  Sam Voigt made 2-4 three-pointers shooting 50%.  Following was Mitchel Klundt with 1-6 shooting 17% and Andrew Taggart with 1-4 shooting 25%.  For free-throws, Thomas contributed 8-9 shooting 89% and Vomacka 5-6 shooting 83%.

            Andrew Taggart took over defense with four rebounds on offense and two on defense.  Thomas rebounded two on offense and three on defense.  Voigt also contributed with one on offense and two on defense.  Vomacka managed two on defense and one on offense.  Cody Kakfa had the most steals with a total of four.  Sean Kafka followed with three.  Mason Juracek, Klundt, Thomas, and Vomacka all contributed one steal.

            Their next game will be Thursday at home against Avon at 6:30 p.m.  Come and support the boys!