JV Boys Take the Win Over Wildcats

JV Boys Take the Win Over Wildcats

Autumn Neiman

            The boys’ JV basketball team played Kimball/White Lake on Thursday and accomplished another win making the record 6-3.

            In the first quarter, the Gorillas scored six points and the Wildcats scored five. The boys scored 15 more points in the second quarter, and the Wildcats scored 10 more, bringing the score to 21-15. By the end of the third quarter, the Gorillas racked up another 12 points and the Wildcats scored five more, with the score 33-20. In the final quarter, the Gorillas scored eight points, and the Wildcats scored seven, leaving the final score 41-27.

            The leading scorer for the game was Damon Eagle Star, bringing in 14 points for the team. Max Klundt shot one three-pointer and made it. Aaron Voigt shot 2-4 three-pointers. Klundt and Kolton Salonen made one free-throw each.

            Eagle Star rebounded the ball the most, offensively and defensively, with five rebounds. Klundt, Jayd VanDerWerff, Kendall Roeder, and Triv Vosika stole the ball two times each. VanDerWerff had two turnovers. Roeder assisted three times.

            The Gorillas’ next game will be on Monday at Dakota Christian starting at 6:30.