Gorillas with One loss  

Gorillas playedKimballWhiteLakeon last Friday and came up with lost with the score 28-65.

            The gorillas rushing with Jaden Bartling with 16 rushes coming up with 67 yard, scoring 2 touchdowns and 3 first downs. Derek Stukel with 4 rushes with 96 yards and scoring a touchdown with 2 first downs as for Paul Taggart with 3 rushes with 11 yards giving them a first down. Brody Boes has 3 rushes coming up with 8 yards and a first down and for Brandon Warnke 1 rush with 6 yards gain. In a total the Gorillas came up with 35 rushes and 230 yards with 3 touchdowns.

            For the gorillas receiving, Jonah Beck with 4 receptions had 25 yards making 2 first downs. Brody Boes had 62 yards with 2 receptions getting 2 first downs. Derek Stukel had 2 receptions with 73 yards and scoring 1 touchdown as with getting 2 first downs. Andrew Taggart had 1 reception coming up with 36 yards getting a first down.

            The gorillas did 5 punts by Jaden Bartling getting a total of 152 yards, Cody Jung did 5 kick offs with a total of 170 yards.

            By scoring their points by Jaden Bartling with 2 touchdowns, Derek Stukel also 2 touchdowns and as for Kurt Braun with a two point conversion.