Procrastination. Good or Bad?

Mackenzie Feyereisen


Procrastination.  Everybody does it.

Procrastination is putting something off until the last minute, like homework or asking your parents to go out Friday night.  Many people may ask why procrastinate?  Most of these people are adults.  Studies show that teenagers procrastinate twice as much as adults, but why?  Is it laziness, no drive, or just wanting to live life and not worry about it until it comes?

Of 50 students at GregoryHigh School I asked 45 – 90% said that they procrastinate in one way or another – but why?  Almost all of the students asked gave the same answer.  Freshman Ashley Swan was one of them saying, “I just don’t want to do it, I just want to have fun and enjoy being a teenager.”  Another freshman said, “I put it off because I just don’t want to do it.”

Procrastinating has its ups and downs.  If you do procrastinate as a teenager, it can push you to work fast and make you actually put in effort to get it done in time.  Also, it can teach you to work under pressure like you’ll have to as an adult.

It also can have some bad effects though, like causing too much stress.  Teenagers have enough stress as it is – sports, extracurricular activities, band, choir, jobs – that they don’t need any more unnecessary stress.  Procrastination can also cause teens to not get their work done because they don’t have enough time left to meet their deadline.

All in all, procrastination can be helpful or harmful depending on how you use it.  If there are teens out there who do procrastinate, don’t feel bad; almost everyone does it at some point or time.