Gorillas Destory Raiders


Brynn Hylla , Journalist

Last Thursday, the Gorillas that are ranked number four played the Lyman Raiders in the first round of football playoffs. The final score was 47-12. Jackson Eklund rushed 14 times for 115 yards, and he had six first downs.

On offense, Luke Murray rushed two times for 33 yards and made one touchdown. Grant Thomas rushed three times for 28 yards and had one first down. Coy Determan rushed five times for 15 yards and had a touchdown. Jordan Vosika rushed six times for 13 yards and made one touchdowns Zach Eklund rushed three times for eight yards.

On defense, Murray and Rhoss Oliver each had seven tackles. Evan Juracek had four. Vosika, Thomas, and Michael Janis each had three tackles. J. Eklund had five tackles. Jace Robertson had two tackles. Tommy Determan and Owen Hansen each had one tackle.

The Gorillas will be playing at home on Thursday against Howard, who is 8-1, for round two of playoffs. The game will begin at 6 p.m.