Gregory Hosts Middle School Track Meet, 7th Grade Boys Receive First


Samantha Timanus, Journalist

On April 9, Gregory hosted a middle school track meet. The meet was divided into a seventh grade and eight grade division. Nine schools participated: Winner, Platte/Geddes, Gregory, Colome, Lyman, Todd County, Bennet County, Burke/South Central, and Andes Central/Dakota Christian.

For the seventh grade female division, Burke received first place with 77 points. Right behind them was Platte-Geddes with 76 and Winner with 75. Gregory received 62 points for fourth place.

In the seventh grade male division, Gregory dominated with 156 points. Winner received second with 96 points, Platte-Geddes third with 44, and Burke fourth with 40.

In the eighth grade female division, the Winner team received first place, with 117 points. Right behind them was Platte/Geddes with 109 points. Bennet County took third with 42 points; Gregory took a close fourth with 41 points.

The eighth grade male division’s first place recipient was also Winner with 83 points. Gregory took a close second with 81 points. In third place was Platte/Geddes with 66 points. Burke/South Central earned 50 points for fourth.

The individual places and distances/times for the Gregory athletes are as followed:

7th Grade Relays

Boys, 1st, Rylan Peck, Gannon Thomas, Jhett Eklund, Cruz Klundt, 4:45.30
Girls, 3rd, Mya Determan, Morgan Opbroek, Ashtyn Eklund, Ashlyn Vosika, 5:11.15

Boys, 2nd, Gannon Thomas, Paul Sinclair, Cruz Klundt, Luke Stukel, 2:04.72
Girls, 3rd, Shelby Spann, London Flakus, Ashlyn Vosika, Morgan Opbroek, 2:14.0

Boys, 1st, Trey Murray, Gannon Thomas, Alex Songer, Noah Bearshield, 58.96
Girls 3rd, Shelby Spann, Jordan Svatos, London Flakus, Mya Determan, 1:04.72

800 meter medley
Boys, 1st, Noah Bearshield, Luke Stukel, Jhett Eklund, Daniel Mitchell, 2:05.06
Girls, 3rd, London Flakus, Ashlyn Vosika, Mya Determan, Ashton Eklund, 2:26.52

7th Grade Individual Running Events

Girls 100 meter
1st, Ashton Eklund, 13.82
27th, Jordan Svatos, 16.79
31st, Emily Long, 18.5

Boys 100 meter
2nd, Rylan Peck, 12.34
4th, Trey Murray, 13.34
6th, Paul Sinclair, 13.94
10th, Luke Stukel, 14.42
13th, Jamison VanerPol, 14.84
17th, Joshua Fiebelkorn, 15.35
18th, Robbie Posadas, 15.45
19th, Demitris Fiebelkorn, 15.50
23rd, Rane Kenzy, 15.60
28th, Jad Leber, 16.10
29th, Logan Kaluhiokalani, 16.16
33rd, Jackson Bolander, 16.75

Girls 200 meter
13th, Shelby Spann, 35.35

Boys 200 meter
2nd, Daniel Mitchell, 28.02
5th, Paul Sinclair, 30.43
14th, William Feyerisen, 32.79
16th, Rane Kenzy, 33.46
18th, Nick Kenzy, 33.84
21st, Joshua Feibelkorn, 34.40
27th, Jad Leber, 36.44
27th, Demitris Fiebelkorn 36.44
30th, Logan Kaluhiokalani, 37.12
31st, Jackson Bolander, 37.28

Girls 400 meter
4th, London Flakus, 1:16.44

Boys 400 meter
1st, Rylan Peck, 1:03.51
8th,  Luke Stukel, 1:13.41
11th, Paul Sinclair, 1;15.50
12th, Alex Songer, 1:15.90
15th, Nick Kenzy, 1:20.38

Girls 800 meter
4th, Morgan Opbroek, 2:59.56

Boys 800 meter
3rd, Cruz Klundt, 2:52.88


7th Grade Hurdles

Girls 100 meter hurdles
5th, Ashton Eklund, 19.79

Boys 100 meter hurdles
1st, Daniel Mitchell, 16.28
6th, Cole Serr, 20.40

7th Grade Field Events

Boys Shotput
2nd, Trey Murray, 38-03.5
4th, Jamison VanderPol, 28-09.5
7th, Rane Kenzy, 27-09.0
13th, Jad Leber, 25-08.5
17th, Robbie Posadas, 23-07.0
18th, Jackson Bolander, 23-03.5

Girls Shotput
3rd, Mya Determan, 27-08.0
15th, Shelby Spann, 20-04.0
18th, Emily Long, 18-04.0

Boys Discus
2nd, Trey Murray, 83-09
8th, Jad Leber, 58-05.75
10th, Robbie Posadas, 55-02
11th, Jamison VanderPol, 54-01
18th, Rane Kenzy, 50-10.50
21st, Jackson Bolander, 43-07

 Boys Long Jump
1st, Rylan Peck, 17-02.0
3rd, Noah Bearshield, 13-00.0
4th, Jhett Eklund, 12-08.0
7th, Gannon Thomas, 12-02.0
10th, Nick Kenzy, 11-00.0

Girls Long Jump
4th, Morgan Opbroek, 11-01.0
8th, Jordan Svatos, 9-11.0

Boys High Jump
1st, Daniel Mitchell, 5-02.0

Boys Triple Jump
1st, Jhett Eklund, 30.08.0
2nd, Cruz Klundt, 25.09.5


The results for the eighth grade students are as followed.

8th Grade Relays

Boys, 2nd, Owen Hanson, Jaden Graber, Kade Stukel, Luke Sinclair

Boys, 3rd, Nick Kenzy, Cole Serr, William Feyeresen, Alex Songer, 2:10.92
Girls, 4th, Jordan Svatos, Lana Talsma, Sapphire Kenzy, Jessy Jo VanDerWerff, 2:13.72

Boys, 3rd, Luke Sinclair, Kade Stukel, Owen Hanson, Jaden Graber, 56.07

800 meter medley
Boys, 1st, Kade Stukel, Jaden Graber, Owen Hanson, Xzavian Fiebelkorn, 1:59.49

8th Grade Individual Running Events

Girls 100 meter
13th, Lana Talsma, 16.10

Boys 100 meter
3rd, Kade Stukel, 12.30
9th, Jaden Graber, 12.85
19th, Nelson Boyd, 16.69

Girls 200 meter
10th, Lana Talsma, 33.40

Boys 200 meter
13th, Nelson Boyd, 36.27

Girls 400 meter
5th, Sapphire Kenzy, 1:14.47

Girls 800 meter
2nd, Sapphire Kenzy, 3:00.4
3rd, Jessy Jo VanDerWerff, 3:03.78

Boys 800 meter
3rd, Luke Sinclair, 2.37.47
6th, Xzavian Fiebelkorn, 2:51.72

Boys 1600 meter
1st, Luke Sinclair, 5:35.01
2nd, Xzavian Fiebelkorn, 5:35.86


8th Grade Hurdles

Girls 100 meter hurdles
1st, Jessy Jo VanDerWerff, 17.03

Boys 100 meter hurdles
2nd, Owen Hanson, 17.64


8th Grade Field Events

Boys Shotput
6th, Boyd Nelson, 24-02.0

Girls Shotput
7th, Lana Talsma, 18-00.0

Boys Discus
6th, Boyd Nelson, 70-10
8th, Jaden Graber, 65-00

Boys Long Jump
1st, Xzavian Fiebelkorn, 14-02.0

Girls Long Jump
1st, Jessy Jo VanDerWerff, 13-10.0
6th, Sapphire Kenzy, 11-03.0

The next track meet in on Friday in Winner at 12:30 p.m.