Varsity Boys Trample Competition, Girls Receive Third at First Track Meet


Samantha Timanus, Journalist

On Tuesday, April 2, the Gregory varsity and JV track teams went to Platte for their first track meet of the season. Six schools participated, Kimball White-Lake, Burke, Colome, Platte-Geddes, Andes Central, and Gregory. The Gregory varsity men’s team placed first, with a score of 143. Andes Central was behind them with 108. The Gregory varsity women’s team placed third with a score of 91, preceded by Kimball-White Lake with a score of 153 and Andes Central with a score of 126. The JV women’s team placed third, and the JV men’s team placed first. The varsity events went as followed:


Boys 1st, Coy Determan, Carson Klundt, Luke Sinclair, and Grant Thomas, 9:46.0
Girls 2nd, Brooklyn Kenzy, Megan Warnke, Sierra Rencountre, Emma Thomas, 11:07.6

Boys 2nd, Caleb Stukel, Coy Determan, Tyler Murray, Tommy Determan, 4:00.2
Girls 1st, Brooklyn Kenzy, Jessy Jo VanDerWerff, Megan Warnke, Emma Thomas, 4:37.1

Boys 2nd, Zach Eklund, Grant Thomas, Luke Murray, Hunter Stas, 1:47.7
Girls 3rd, Jaslee Kerner, Jessy Jo VanDerWerff, BriLee Peck, Brooklyn Kenzy, 2:06.0

Boys 2nd, Tyler Murray, Reece Odenbach, Caleb Stukel, Luke Murray, 49.5
Girls 4th , Jaycee Bartling, Brooklyn Kenzy, Jaslee Kerner, Brynn Hylla, 1:01.4

1600 meter medley
Boys 2nd, Luke Murray, Reece Odenbach, Tyler Murray, Grant Thomas, 4:23.4
Girls 4th, Jaycee Bartling, Jaslee Kerner, Jessy Jo vanDerWerff, Sierra Rencountre, 5:09.9

Individual Running Events

Girls 100 meter
1st, Jaycee Bartling 14.7
10th, Summer Talsma 16.4
12th, Dailey Remme, 24.9

Boys 100 meter
3rd, Caleb Stukel 11.8
7th, Reece Odenbach, 12.4
8th, Tyler Murray, 12.6
9th, Luke Murray, 12.8

Girls 200 meter
8th, Salma Serr, 33.4
9th, Brynn Hylla, 33.7

Boys 200 meter
2nd, Caleb Stukel, 25.2
3rd, Hunter Stas, 25.4
5th, Evan Jurarcek, 25.8

Girls 400 meter
2nd, Megan Warnke, 1:07.0
8th, Salma Serr, 1:20.4
9th, Brynn Hylla, 1:20,5
12th, Summer Talsma, 1:24.5

Boys 400 meter
6th, Hunter Stas, 1:05.3

Girls 800 meter
1st, Emma Thomas 2:40.0

Boys 800 meter
3rd, Carson Klundt, 2:31.6

Boys 1600 meter
4th, Luke Sinclair, 6:03.0


100 meter hurdles
1st, Jessy Jo VanDerWerff, 18.1

110 meter hurdles
1st, Tommy Determan, 17.2

Girls 300 meter hurdles
1st, BriLee Peck, 56.9

Boys 300 meter hurdles
1st, Tommy Determan, 46.9

Field Events

Boys Shotput
12th, Bryan EagleStar, 30-04.00

Girls Shotput
7th, Samantha Timanus, 27-07.50
12th, Anna Dargatz, 22-03.00
14th, Gracie Kenzy, 21-11.5

Boys Discus
10th, Bryan EagleStar, 79-09

Girls Discus
7th, Gracie Kenzy, 84-07
10th, Samantha Timanus, 72-06
14th, Anna Dargatz, 59-09.5

 Boys Long Jump
1st, Evan Juracek, 18-11
5th, Zach Eklund, 18-01

Girls Long Jump
2nd, Jaycee Bartling, 14-06.5

Boys High Jump
2nd, Tommy Determan, 5-10.00
4th, Coy Determan, 5-06.00

Boys Triple Jump
3rd, Evan Juracek, 38-10.5
5th, Zach Eklund, 37-06.00
6th, Carson Klundt, 33-06.25

A middle school track meet is scheduled for today in Gregory with field events starting at 1:00 and running at 3:00. The next varsity track meet in scheduled for Friday in Bennet County weather permitting.

Sam Timanus