GBB Beats Previously Undeafeated Lyman but Loses to Winner


Image was not taken at either Lyman or Winner

Samantha Timanus, Journalism

On Thurs., Jan. 3, the girls’ basketball team played against Lyman away winning 54-47. This was the girls’ first victory of the season and Lyman’s first defeat. Gregory took a lead in the first quarter and maintained this lead for the rest of the game. Gregory made 43% of their field goals and 60% of their free throws, as well as getting 26 rebounds, 14 steals, and 20 personal fouls.

The top scorer of the game was Jessy Jo VanDerWerff with 26 of the 54 points. J. VanDerWerff made 53% of her field goals and 54% of her free throws. Gracie Kenzy scored 10 points, making 80% of her field goals and 100% of her free throws.  Megan Warnke scored 7 points, making 43% of her field goals and her one free throw. Brooklyn VanDerWerff made 6 points with a 33% field goal percentage and a 67% free throw percentage.

Megan Warnke had 10 rebounds and 2 steals. Sydney Svatos caught 6 rebounds and 4 steals. Gracie Kenzy took 4 rebounds and 2 steals. Brooklyn VanDerWerff had 2 rebounds and 3 steals, and Jessy Jo VanDerWerff had 1 rebound and 3 steals.

On Sat., Dec. 5, the Lady Gorillas played Winner and lost 27-73. Overall, the team had a 28% shooting average and a 56% free throw average. Gregory got 35 rebounds, 5 steals, 29 turnovers, and 15 personal fouls.

Megan Warnke and Jessy Jo VanDerWerff both made 6 points. J. VanDerWerff had a 27% shooting average and Warnke had a 11% shooting average with a 67% free throw average. Sydney Svatos made 5 points with a 40% shooting average and a 50% free throw average. Brooklyn Kenzy made 4 points with a 50% shooting average, and Gracie Kenzy made 4 points with a 33% shooting average. Kodi Timanus made 2 points with a 100% shooting average. Sydney Svatos had 10 rebounds, Megan Warnke had 7, and Brooklyn had 6.