Kindergarten Class Makes a Splash

Kindergarten Class Makes a Splash

Brynn Hylla, Journalism

The kindergarten class is divided to two classes taught by Mrs. Lanz and Mrs. Steffen. Three kids from Mrs. Lanz’s class, Mason Miller, Rebecca Stevicks, and Makayla Hull, were interviewed.
Rebecca said her favorite time of the day is centers where she plays with toys and stays quiet. Although she doesn’t like nap time because she wants to listen, she does enjoy PE. Her favorite foods are strawberries and cheese pizza. She would rather play than do math because it is hard for her. Being excited to learn more, she is ready for first grade. She doesn’t like recess because it’s way to0 cold.

Mason’s favorite food is cheese pizza. He enjoys math because it is easy. He loves to go outside, so he loves recess. He loves rest time so much; he doesn’t want to go to first grade. In first grade he’s not a fan of how they have to read books. His birthday is on December 23, which is close to Christmas, so he gets to have family for his birthday. Waiting for summer, he can’t wait to play with his friends.
Makayla’s favorite time of the day is rest time. She likes math and things that deal with numbers. PE is fun for her because she gets to run around. Ready for first grade, she is excited to learn more math. She doesn’t mind the cold as long as she gets a break from school.

The classes have daily five, where they go to the library, and Mrs. Whitney reads to them. The kids are trying to read, but they don’t understand how to yet. They are hoping to be able to read by the end of the year in May. With Christmas right around the corner, the kids are half way done with their kindergarten year. The kids are exited to color snowmen and play in the snow, open presents, and watch Christmas movies. With the school year half done, they are excited for the summer where they can go swimming, camping, horseback riding, and sit around the bonfire.

Loving to learn, the kids learn about shapes, sounds, clouds, and gingerbread families. They explained how gingerbread families work and how they start off as kids and grow up to have kids. With their shapes they are learning about circles, rectangles, spheres, pyramids, and many more. They explained they are having fun and like school and are excited to see what is ahead for them.