Adventures of fourth grade

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Adventures of fourth grade

Toshiya Cramer, Journalist

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The fourth grade class this year gave an inside look into their elementary life. The class is divided into two sections. Fourth graders have many different subjects: social studies, library (reading), math, PE, music, science, spelling, and computers. The two teachers are Mrs. Webster and Mrs. Bartling.

Most of the kids like PE and that is their favorite subject. Emma Holmberg, a fourth grader in Mrs. Webster’s class, has PE as her subject that she does not like and likes reading. Tyler Kenzy does not like spelling; the other fourth graders dislike math and music while math is Joslyn Pettit’s favorite subject.

“Mrs. Webster teaches both classes social studies, and Mrs. Bartling teaches both classes science. We switch classes, so we all have the same subjects. Every week, one class gets to go to the computer lab and the other class stays in class for computers. This week Mrs. Bartling’s class gets to go over,” Tyler and Regan Graesser explained.

The children in Mrs. Webster’s class want a class pet. Max Bearshield, Kamre Peabody and Emma talked about getting a hedgehog.

Both classes are working on a play that they are going to perform during the open house that takes place tomorrow. Previous years they have created posters about European countries like Germany and Sweden and decorated milk cartons.

Mrs. Webster’s class was excited to describe the flowers that they just made. The flowers are poinsettias and are red flowers native to Mexico. The children were able to tell me the whole story behind the flowers. “A poor girl did not have money to buy baby Jesus a gift. She picked a few weeds and gave them to Jesus. When she gave them, the weeds turned into these beautiful red flowers,” Kamre, Emma, and Max said.

Mrs. Bartling’s class showed their sail boats made out of tinfoil and cups. They had a competition to see who could fit the most pennies in their boat without the boat sinking. The class was split up into three groups with each its own boat.

The first semester is almost over now, and the busy lives of the fourth graders will continue after the exciting Christmas break on January 3.

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