Gorillas destroy Baltic


Brynn Hylla, Journalist

Last Thursday the Gorillas played Baltic for the first round of playoffs and the Gorillas won 51-0. Jackson Eklund, stepping in for JJ Beck who was out due to an illness, rushed 13 times for 121 yards, and had one touchdown.

On offense Tyler Murray rushed 13 times for 57 yards and had three touchdowns. Caleb Stukel rushed 12 times for 201 yards and had three touchdowns. Coy Determan rushed five for 51 yards and made three out of three passes for 139 yards. Stukel received two for 90 yards, and Evan Juracek received one for 49 yards. Juracek scored a touchdown in the third quarter ending the game early because of the mercy rule.

On defense Jordan Vosika had 10 tackles, and Luke Murray had nine. Eklund had eight, and Ethan Dargatz had six tackles. T. Murray had five and Rhoss Oliver also had five tackles. Juracek, T. Determan, and Zane McMillen all had three tackles. Eklund had one sack.

The Gorillas will be traveling to Bon Homme to take on the Cavaliers for the second round of playoffs. The game will be starting at 7 p.m. on Thursday. The Gorillas are looking for revenge after losing to the Cavaliers by one-point during regular season play.