Spikers Dominate against Corsica-Stickney


Brynn Hylla, Journalist

The Spikers played Corsica-Stickney and the Spikers came out with a win last Thursday at home Corsica-Stickney traveled to Gregory. The scores of the sets were 25-18, 26-24, 25-15.

On offense Sydney Svatos was the first server for the night. She had 22/23 serves and three aces for 96% . Svatos had 70/76 set assists for 92% and 10/11 kills for 91%. Jessy Jo VanDerWerff served 11/12 serves and one ace for 92%, and 25/29 kills for 86%. Senior KaeLee Haney served 10/10 serves and had one ace for 100%. Haney had 26/29 kills with a 90%. Brooklyn VanDerWerff served 10/11 serves and had one ace for 91%. B. VanDerWerff had 48/52 set assists for 92% and 13/15 kills for 87%.

On defense BriLee Peck had 7/8 serve receives for 88%. Peck also had two digs for the night. J. VanDerWerff had 18/23 serve receives had 72% and 19 digs. Jaslee Kerner received 12/12 for 100% and had six digs. Svatos had 11 digs for the night. Senior Megan Warnke had 15/17 serve receives for 88%, four ace blocks and 19 digs. B. VanDerWerff had 11 digs. Haney had one ace block, and 19 digs.

The Spikers will be on the road tonight for a game against the Chamberlain Cubs with C team starting at 5:15p.m.