Students travel to Brookings for High School Press Conference


Alexa Hannahs

On Wednesday, Jacey Feyereisen, Hannah Juracek, Lauren Svatos, Cassity Kerner, and Alexa Hannahs went to the South Dakota High School Press Conference in Brookings on the SDSU campus. The convention started at 9:15 with J.J. Perry speaking as the keynote speaker for the morning. Around 10:30 the students were split up into groups for sessions. The sessions were, photography, writing, and an “On-The-Spot Contest,” which consisted of students coming up with story ideas.

There were awards later that day given out to schools for yearbook, newspaper, photography, and newswriting. All of the entries were submitted before January 20 to be able to compete in the contest. The best rating one could receive was a superior, then excellent, and lastly honorable mention. The Gorillas’ 2014-2015 yearbook received an excellent rating. Gregory entered seven photos for the contest. Maddie Eklund received an honorable mention for a school activity photo. Svatos received an honorable mention for a school activity photo also. Kerner received an honorable mention in the category of school activity and also received an excellent for a sports photo. Juracek submitted two photos also; she received an honorable mention in the category for sports photography and also received a superior for non-school activity photo. Feyereisen received a superior in the category of sports photography.

These girls are working on the new yearbook this year that will be entered next year for the yearbook contest again. Gregpry students next year plant to submit entries in photography and newswriting as well.