Gorillas Loose to Lower Brule Sioux


Alexa Hannahs

The Gorillas came short to the Lower Brule Sioux in Lower Brule last Thursday, January 7. The ending score was 63-57.

The Gorillas’ leading scorers were sophomore Jayd VanDerWerff with 23 point, senior Sean Kafka with 11 points and junior Robert Vomacka with 8 points. The Gorillas shot 37% from the field. Kolten Salonen was 2/2 from the free-throw line, and following was Vomacka with 2 of 3 for 67%. The team was 68% overall for free throws.

VanDerWerff led the Gorillas in rebounds with 13, Vomacka followed with 8. Aaron Voigt, VanDerWerff and Vomacka each had 2 steals apiece. The Gorillas had 7 steals overall.

“They played really aggressive and we turned the ball over a lot but, we hope we can improve on that throughout the year,” said Voigt.