Bartling makes her appearance in Gregory School


Alexa Hannahs

The Gregory School District hired six new teachers for the 2015-2016 school year. One of the new teachers is Jacque Bartling. Bartling went to Freeman High School and graduated in 2007; she then went to Dakota Wesleyan University and graduated from there.

Her favorite things to do in her free time are hanging out with family and friends, playing games, and also shopping. Mrs. Bartling was recently married to Joel Bartling, who is the owner of Bartling Welding and Machine in Gregory, and is planning on staying in this area. She likes teaching in Gregory because of the students and her amazing co-teacher, Mrs. Webster.

Bartling said, “I love kids; my younger siblings were my first students.  I enjoyed watching them learn and grow, and I knew I wanted a job with children.”