Spikers play in SESD Tournament, Eklund makes all-tournament team


Alexa Hannahs

Last Satuday, the Spikers traveled to Platte for the SESD tournament. Junior Maddie Eklund was the only player from Gregory to make the all-tournament team. The Spikers struggled returning home 0-4 for the day.

The first game the Spikers played was against Mt. Vernon/Plankinton. Allison Ekroth was 100% for attacks with 4/4, Jacey Feyereisen was 11/13 and Ivy Ekroth 8/11. Feyereisen and I. Ekroth each had one kill apiece. Eklund led the Spikers with 11 digs; overall the team had 22 digs.  The scores were 25-7 and 25-5.

The Spikers started strong in the next match by winning the first set against Winner. Every player was above 90% for serving; the team was 97% overall for serving. There were 5 ace serves. The Spikers were very defensive at the net with a total of 5 blocks. Hannah Juracek had 3, and Emma Schweigert and A. Ekroth each had one apiece. The Spikers had 62 digs as a team. The ball was set 118 times with a total of 17 ace assists. Alexa Hannahs had 14 ace assists and set the ball 71 times. Eklund dominated in the Spiker defense with 23/23 for serve receive for 100%. The scores were 25-23, 18-25, and 16-25.

In the third match against Scotland, A. Ekroth led the team with 4 attack kills while I. Ekroth and Juracek had 3 apiece. The girls were 84% for serve receive, with only 30 digs. Juracek was the only one who had a block. Hannahs and A. Ekroth each had an ace serve. The ball was set 51 times by the team with 11 assists. The final scores were 24-26 and 21-25, with the Spikers just falling short.

The Spikers played their last game for the day against Platte/Geddes. Feyereisen, I. Ekroth, and Juracek all had 2 kills. Nika Eagle Star contributed one. Hannahs set the ball 21 times with 3 ace assists, out of the teams 49 with 4 ace assists. Eklund had 9 digs and Schweigert had 4. The team was 31/42 for serve receive. The scores were 25-15 and 25-17.