Gorillas Conquer Black Panthers


Alexa Hannahs

The Gorillas won their second game Sept. 4 against Platte-Gedes 62-8, ending early due to the mercy rule. Foreign exchange student Oliver Thieme tied Nate Stukel’s (2006) record for kicking 5 extra points. Thieme also kicked a 23 yard field goal for the Gorillas in the first quarter.

The Gorillas came off strong with a 55 yard punt return made by Sean Kafka and a kick good for an extra point by Thieme. Johan Anderson made a 70 yard touchdown off a kick return.

Andy McCance made 5 out of 8 passes. Out of those 5, 4 of them led to touchdowns. Joseph Veskrna had 2 receiving touchdowns on the night followed by Kafka and Sean Curtis each with touchdowns from passes from McCance. McCance rushed 6 times for a total of 44 yards and 1 touchdown. The Gorillas had a total of 119 yards for rushing.

Two more touchdowns were added in the last two quarters by Triv Vosika with a 1 yard plunge and Atlas Willuweit with a 1 yard dive.

On defense Willuweit led with 8 tackles and Noah Beck had 5. Beck and Matt Campbell each had a sack. Jayd VanDerWerff and Curtis each had a fumble recovery. Also VanDerWerff and Kafka had an interception.

“It was a good game for us, but we really need to focus in because we have a tough schedule ahead of us, “VanDerWerff said.