Gregory Choir Should Have Sung “All I Do is Win” at the Small Group Contest in Kimball

Emma Thomas, journalist

The Gregory choir traveled to Kimball on Feb. 5 for the small group singing competition. Gregory brought 28 different performances. 14 were solos, four were duets, and nine were groups. To medal, you must score a 26-30 for solos and a 31-35 for groups. 12 solos, three duets, and eight groups placed. 


The solos who received a medal were Evan Juracek, John Stevicks, Katherine Stevicks, Sam Timanus, Sapphire Kenzy, Keeley Klein, Ravyn Oliver, Kodi Timanus, Zane McMillen, Hunter Stas, Christian Spann, and Dillyn Harsin. The medaling duets were Haley Wenger and Kodi Timanus, Sam Timanus and Keeley Klein, and Christian Spann and John Stevicks. The medaling groups were the Girls-A ”Riversong,” Girls-B “Riversong,” Mixed-A “Nine Hundred Miles,” and boys mixed-A “Sinnerman.” BriLee Peck, Jaslee Kerner, Sydney Svatos, and Salma Serr performed a small group song and medaled. Keeley Klein, Sam Timanus, and Christian Spann performed “How Can I Stop Singing My Song” and medaled. Katherine Stevicks, Sapphire Kenzy, Vy Nguyen, and Dawn Eagle Star medaled with their song. John Stevicks, Hunter Stas, Rhoss Oliver, and Zane McMillen performed a group song and also medaled. 


The band travels to Mitchell for a  large group band competition on March 18 starting at 8:00 a.m. Go out and support the band and choir as there are only a few events to do so.